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Payment Methods


If you want to pay by paypal, u can send me your PayPal email and I will send you the invoice.

②Credit Card / Debit Card / VISA / MasterCard / AE

The cash register system has been audited and certified by the bank, please rest assured to pay.If prompted to pay failed. Sorry, the payment may fail due to bank review, please try again later.

If you need to pay by transfer, please contact customer service to get the bank account information.

Several reasons and solutions for credit card payment failure:

1. Do not honor: The cardholder needs to authorize by phone, explain to the issuing bank that the payment is made by himself, and ask the bank to release the payment; after the authorization, tell us to send the deduction again, which is generally successful.

2. High risk: You need to provide a credit card or ID photo, the middle number of the card can be blocked, and the first four digits and the last six digits of the card number are reserved; if you are an old customer of the website, please provide the previous successful deduction record.

3. Fraud suspicion: The bank will feedback the deduction results based on the cardholder's payment information. For example, the cardholder pays too frequently or the payment amount is too high in a short period of time. This consumption behavior of the cardholder violates the bank's risk control rules. This cardholder was listed on the bank's list of possible fraudulent transactions, so the bank rejected the transaction and suggested trying to place a new order after a while, or pay with another card.

4. Expired card: It is recommended that the cardholder contact the bank or check whether the validity period of the card is wrong.

5. Insufficient funds/over credit limit: If the balance is insufficient or the credit limit is limited, you can recharge or place a new order and pay with another card.

6. Stolen Or Lost Card: It is recommended to place an order again and pay with another card.

7. Payment Declined: The classification code of the rejected payment reported by the bank, you can send the serial number to the customer service, and the customer service can check it in detail.